Which Banana Would You Eat? Your Answer May Affect Your Health

I’ll bet you didn’t know that the nutritional value of a banana changes during its ripening cycle!

It’s not just the taste and texture of a banana that changes as it goes from green to yellow to brown. Throughout the ripening process the enzymes in bananas begin to break down and the starch turns into simple sugars. Your body can digest simple sugars much more easily than starches, which is why green bananas can be so hard on your stomach!

Unfortunately, the longer you wait to eat your banana, the less nutrients it will have! Try and eat your bananas as soon as it goes from green to yellow, but before it starts showing brown spots!

Unripe Bananas

The best benefits of eating green bananas are their high starch content, like mentioned above! If you’re trying to monitor your sugar intake then try to eat bananas early on in their ripening cycle. Green bananas also have probiotics, which are friendly bacteria that can help your body absorb nutrients like calcium and protein.

Ripe Bananas

Not only are yellow bananas easier to digest, they also have a Tumor Necrosis Factor, which means ripe bananas have anti-cancer properties. Their antioxidant levels also fight cancerous cells and tumor formation.

Bananas also have:

Vitamin C
Vitamin B-6

The bottom line is that both bananas have extremely nutritious elements, but each person requires different vitamins and minerals! If you have diabetes then I would suggest eating bananas early on in your cycle, however if you have a sensitive stomach, green bananas may be too hard on your digestive tract.

Both ways, bananas are absolutely delicious, and an amazing smoothie ingredient!

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