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KARMA: After Reporter Tried to Cover up For YouTube Shooter, His Worst Nightmare Got Exposed

The leftist media has been caught again changing the truth to fit their crazy narrative.

Three people were shot in a shooting this week at YouTube’s headquarters in California. The exact details are still up in the air, but the woman shooter was seen killing herself afterwards according to San Bruno Police. After the police got word of the shooting, they responded to the corporate campus of YouTube in San Bruno where there was over 1,100 employees present.

Reporters claimed that four people were injured and three people were wounded by gunfire. Now the left is blaming the NRA again for the shooters actions and taking their lead on gun control after the shooting. They are even going as far to say it is republicans fault. But little did they know who the gunman actually was. Now the left has no idea how to respond.

Reported by subjectpolitics:

Moments after a gunman opened fire at Youtube Headquarters in California, rumors swirled about the identity of the shooter. The gunman committed suicide after shooting three people.

As usual, Liberals blamed the NRA and they couldn’t wait to say Republicans are responsible.

But one reporter took it a step further and immediately got exposed for it.

After news broke that the shooter was actually Nasim Aghdam, who is suspected to be of Iranian (or Persian) dissent, reporters didn’t know how to respond.

A reporter with published a story that showed a picture of Aghdam but people noticed something was wrong.

The picture published on Mashable is photoshopped to make Aghdam look more white and with Green eyes. Check it out:

On the left you see the original picture of Aghdam, and on the right you see the altered version.

But why would ANYONE want to alter an image to protect the identity of a mass shooter? Maybe it doesn’t fit their narrative.

Others noticed the same thing, including famous actor James Woods.

Check out the two pictures side by side. The one on the right is Mashable’s picture they published, the one on the left is the original picture from Aghdam’s instagram.

Do you think Mashable altered the image to make her look more white? Tell us below.

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