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After Reporter Lies About Trump & Russia, Sarah Sanders Delivers Brutal and Embarrassing Blow

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a press briefing today where she was bombarded by rude reporters still fuming at anything and everything President Trump does.

Why hasn’t the President spoken out personally about the sanctions and the behavior enumerated by the administration today by Russia?

Sarah interrupted him and let him know exactly why he was so wrong.

“It’s ridiculous that you guys say that. Just earlier this week, the President stood on a stage in an open press room and talked about how he had been tough on Russia. He has continued to do that through action and we have continued to do that through a number of administration officials. But to say that the President hasn’t addressed it directly – he did that while meeting on-stage with the leaders of the Baltic countries in front of, I believe every single one of you earlier this week. So that is not a fair or accurate statement.”

These reporters just seem to make up their own realities that fit the narratives their bosses want them to push on the American people.

Thank God we have Sarah to stop them in their tracks!

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