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BREAKING: Trump Just Met With NRA To Make New AWESOME Move For 2A – He Tricked Libs All Along!

President Trump and the White House have slipped back on the support for the universal background checks proposed for gun purchases. While this does not mean that background checks for guns will not be supported or improved, it just says that there is currently not support in place for the universal background checks that some liberal Democrats may have called for.

Trump initially seemed to support the idea, which makes sense because the President should listen to all ideas and make a firm decision on them after considering their potential to be a benefit. It seems as though the White House is backing off the concept of universal background checks.

Many Americans realize that the background check system should be improved to help prevent people with mental illness, criminal backgrounds, or even getting the police called a dozen times like school shooter Nikolas Cruz from purchasing a gun legally.

The reason the White House backed off the support of a universal background check is that the word “universal” means something different to many people. The White House was smart to withhold support because Trump has not yet been able to read and adequately submitted legislation pertaining to universal background checks.

It’s hard to support something without it being in writing, analyzed, and discussed. The lack of Trump’s blind support for something he has not yet read is churning the guts of the liberal Democrats as they embellish on another meltdown, even though Trump and the White House put their foot down firmly with some common sense. Democrats like Senator Dianne Feinstein will not be happy with this.

The Hill reported more on the pullout:
“Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Trump supports “not necessarily universal background checks, but certainly improving the background check system.”

“He wants to see what that legislation, the final piece of it looks like,” she told reporters at the White House. “Universal means something different to a lot of people. He certainly wants to focus and improve on the background check system.”

The comments come after Trump stunned many in Washington by voicing support for many gun control proposals during a meeting with lawmakers that aired live on television.

During the Wednesday meeting, Trump appeared to agree with Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), who said that “Americans want universal background checks.”

“You have a different president now,” Trump told the senator. “You went through a lot of presidents and you didn’t get it done. You have a different president. And I think, maybe, you have a different attitude, too. I think people want to get it done.”

The president has previously supported a more modest proposal written by Murphy and Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) designed to bolster the existing background check system, but not expand it.

Sanders’s comments come one night after Trump met with representatives from the National Rifle Association (NRA), a group that Trump urged lawmakers to defy on guns even though he long supported it.

She said the president promised the NRA “only that he’ll continue to support the Second Amendment.”

Trump’s meeting with the NRA has sparked irrational upset among Democrats as they see every tragedy as a means to push the narrative on gun control. Liberals and Democrats often push their agenda as soon as any tragedy happens, not even waiting until the victims have been picked up off the floor. They exploit victims for their own cause, and it’s quite disturbing.

When Trump and the White House decide that they will not support something that they have not yet read, then it’s perfectly reasonable and a decision bolstered with common sense. If President Trump reads it and likes it, then he’ll act on it and push it through the necessary protocol to be turned into a law. That will take time as it goes through the chain of command.

While people discuss background checks, they’re also debating boycotts, and corporations are cutting ties with the NRA. None of which makes any sense because neither the NRA nor the corporations had anything to do with the Parkland school shooting that prompted all of this into action.

Americans would benefit from improved background checks that require a mental health exam and a look at each buyer’s history with the police. Nikolas Cruz had the cops called on him dozens of times, and even if he escaped charges being pressed, he still should not have been allowed to purchase his weapons.

Having the cops called for a noise violation because you’re having a loud party is one thing. Having the police called numerous times for incidents that may have involved violence should automatically trigger something in the background checks that allow the decision making process more information about the buyer.

Criminals can always get their guns on the street, but Americans should remain tough and not make it easier for them. The good guys with the guns will always prevail and a reliable background check makes sure the most trustworthy and responsible people own firearms.

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