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BREAKING: Supreme Court Sides With Trump–This Changes Everything!

The Supreme Court of the United States just sided with President Donald Trump.

This is something that the mainstream media does not wanna show.

This is huge.

On behalf of Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education, President Donald Trump’s legal team has petitioned the court to make America safer, starting from our children first. In a 5-3 decision, that was not a difficult interpretation of the constitution, the high court ruled that public school is the United States will not teach the tenets of Islam or Sharia Law.

According to our source, USA Politics Today, the students will learn about Islam in history, as they do Christianity and all other religions, only as it pertains to the time period they are studying.

Judge Neil Gorsuch wrote, “The government certainly has no business being involved in religion, but this isn’t a government issue or a religious issue. This is about the judicial branch interpreting the laws as they apply to the teaching of religion.

We should be teaching any religions in this country besides standard Judeo-Christianity, as our founders wanted, and we certainly shouldn’t be filling the children with lies about Islam being a ‘religion of peace’ when they see the carnage on the news almost every day.”

Gorsuch continued, “It is our duty as Americans first and judges second to safeguard the way our children are indoctrinated.”

The Obama Administration forced the children to learn about Islam as the “Religion of Peace,” only so that they could be more tolerant of the terrorists. But those days are over now. Our country and Christianity made a huge victory.

Thanks to our President Donald Trump, we can go back to respecting our true values and the worshiping of the one and only true God.

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